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How to get a Scan Jammer in Starfield

In Starfield, scan jammers are a valuable part of a space smuggler’s toolkit. As rewarding as transporting and selling contraband can be, it also presents its fair share of risk. If you happen to get caught, you’ll be arrested and have your merchandise confiscated.

When entering any of the major settlements in Starfield, authorities will scan your spacecraft for black-market goods. If you have illegal items in your character inventory when the scan happens, you’re certain to be rumbled. Stowing

Remnant 2: The Awakened King – Release date, platforms, price, trailer, and more

Here’s everything you need to know about Remnant 2: The Awakened King, the first of three planned expansions for Soulslike.

As Gunfire Games promised on the game’s release, their celebrated Soulslike sequel Remnant 2 has a number of expansions on the way. The first of these is The Awakened King, which will add a whole heap of exciting content to the base game including new storylines, weapons, environments, and a brand new Archetype known as the Ritualist.

With fans eager to jump back into Rem

Diablo 4: Renown explained for Season 2

Renown is a rewards system in Diablo 4 that allows players to buff their character. Here’s how Renown works in Season 2 of Diablo 4.

Renown is a points system in Diablo 4 which incentivizes exploring and staking your claim on each of Sanctuary’s five zones: Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar. Through completing various activities and quests in each of these regions, you can accumulate points to unlock rewards for your character which helps them become more powerful.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter - Release date and card list

Following the success of Villainous, Disney is bibbidi bobbidi booing its way into your tabletop game collection once again. Beloved characters from the company's animated history are now stars of their new trading card game, Lorcana. If this sounds like your bag, you'll want the rundown on Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter's release date and card list.

In addition to letting you in on the release date of The First Chapter, we'll also provide the full card list. There are 216 cards in total in

How to level up weapons fast in Payday 3

How can you level up weapons in Payday 3 quickly? Leveling up your weapons doesn’t affect their raw stats in Starbreeze’s shooter. However, what it does give you is access to a variety of mods including grips, sights, magazines, stocks, vertical grips, barrels, and barrel extensions. Once these are purchased and attached, they subtly alter how the weapon functions.

As it stands, there are 17 non-preset weapons in Payday 3. This includes three SMGs, four assault rifles, four pistols, two shotgun

Best Fighter Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Perks, Abilities and More

A guide to the best Fighter builds in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is an extraction shooter à la Escape from Tarkov that’s a little less rifles and plate carriers and a little more swords and chainmail. The game’s punishing dungeon setting offers a welcome shake-up for the battle royale genre.

The eight playable classes in Dark and Darker draw from established high fantasy settings like that of Dungeons and Dragons, so you’ll likely be familiar with their general archetypes. However, there

Dark and Darker Best Warlock Builds: Guide to Perks, Skills, and Spells

A guide to the best Warlock builds in Dark and Darker.

Before venturing into the perilous dungeons of Dark and Darker, you have to create a character that's suited to brave not only the mobs of monstrous enemies but also other players seeking to steal your spoils. A key part of this is the class you choose. There are 8 classes to choose from at the moment. This selection shapes things like your stats, your weapon, armour selection, and your abilities. This guide will go through the best Warlock

Best Cleric Build in Dark and Darker: Guide to Spells, Perks and Skills

A guide to the best Cleric builds in Dark and Darker.

When you play Dark and Darker, the first thing you have to do is create a character. They can be one of 8 classes. While the class' character design gives you some visual hints and a brief overview gives you a little insight into its archetype, there's still plenty to left to learn about their playstyle, weapons, and abilities. This guide focuses on the best Cleric builds.

Clerics wield divine power to benefit their allies and smite their e

Best Wizard Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Perks, Skills, and Spells

A guide to the best Wizard builds in Dark and Darker.

Prior to taking on the brutal dungeons of Dark and Darker, you have to create a character that can take on its challenges. Part of this is choosing from the game's 8 available classes. You might have your eye on a particular class but there's still plenty to figure out. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the best Wizard builds. This includes the class' playstyle, weapons, spells, and abilities.

Wizards are po

Best Bard Builds In Dark and Darker: A Guide To Perks and Songs

A guide to the best Bard builds in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker offers an exciting twist on the extraction battle royale formula in which you have to escape a dark fantasy dungeon. While the game is no longer available on Steam, it has developed something of a cult following for its challenging PvPvE combat and addictive gameplay loop. Core to the gameplay system of Dark and Darker is its class system. There are currently 8 classes to choose from, and this choice really shapes how you play.

Best Barbarian Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Perks and Skills

A guide to the best Barbarian builds in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is a dark fantasy multiplayer extraction shooter that is currently in early access on PC, with plans to come to mobile in the future. Like any good dungeon-crawling hero, your character in Dark and Darker falls into a particular class which is reflected in their playstyle, weaponry, and combat abilities. With 8 classes in the game, there's plenty of information to take in. Don't fret, though. This guide will give you the l

When Is The Next Dark and Darker Wipe?

When is the next Dark and Darker server wipe happening?

Throughout your time playing Dark and Darker, you'll have your characters go from zero to hero. By extracting from dungeons successfully, you can build a stronger loadout of weapons and armor helping you be even more potent in your next run. As a result, new players end up getting seriously outpaced by more established PvP opponents. Thankfully, Dark and Darker - much like Escape From Tarkov Wipes - has regular server wipes to ensure a lev

Best Ranger Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Perks and Skills

A guide to the best Ranger builds in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is the product of an unlikely marriage between extraction shooter gameplay and a high fantasy setting. There are 8 available classes to play as, all of which draw from classic dungeon-crawling party archetypes. This guide will take you through the best Ranger builds in Dark and Darker. This includes a rundown of aspects like the Ranger's gameplay style, weaponry, armor, and abilities.

The Ranger is an agile marksman with a f

Best Dark and Darker Weapons | Tier List (November 2023)

A Dark and Darker weapons tier list outlining the game's best weapons.

Much of the gameplay loop in Dark and Darker revolves around enduring grueling dungeons in the hopes to escape with the best weapons, armor, and loot you can find. These spoils enable you to defeat enemies more confidently and explore deeper into the dungeon during future adventures. However, you may be feeling in the dark about which weapons are worth wielding and which should be chucked off to a merchant. This Dark and Dar

Dark and Darker Class Tier List | Best Classes Ranked (November 2023)

Given that Dark and Darker is in early access, you can expect the balance of the game's classes to still be in flux. Nonetheless, there are some classes that have just risen above the rest. This tier list will rank all eight of the Dark and Darker classes, taking into consideration factors like versatility, difficulty, trios and solo queue viability, and skill ceiling.

Here's how to interpret each tier:
• S - Near perfection. The best c

Dark and Darker Mobile Game: Release Date Window and Development News

Everything we know about the upcoming mobile version of Dark and Darker.

PUBG Mobile publisher Krafton has been granted the rights to produce an official mobile version of Dark and Darker. Despite Ironmace's medieval extraction battle royale still being in early access, it's already developed an enthusiastic following. The Krafton-published version will introduce the thrill and challenge of PvPvE dungeon crawling to a whole new audience of mobile gamers. So what do we know about the game? Read

Best Rogue Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Skills and Perks

A guide to the best Rogue builds in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker has 8 classes to choose from when creating your character. If you're going to have any chance of successfully escaping the game's grueling dungeons, you have to know how to make the best of the class you pick. This guide will go through the best Rogue builds, including information on the class playstyle, weapons, armor, and abilities.

Rogues are masters of speed and stealth. They have unique strengths in picking locks, steali

How to Trade With Jack O' Lantern in Dark and Darker: Candy Corn Explained

Trick or Treat! Here's everything you need to know about Jack O' Lantern, Dark and Darker's spookiest merchant.

Despite the grim atmosphere of Ironmace's dark fantasy extraction shooter, the developers are not afraid to have a little festive fun. Hotfix #14 saw a seasonal update for Dark and Darkerwith the return of the pumpkin-headed merchant, Jack O' Lantern. Here's everything you need to know about doing business with this ghostly gent.

Who is Jack O' Lantern in Dark and Darker?

Dark and D

How To Level Up XP Fast In Dark and Darker

Maybe the real treasure was the XP we earned along the way.

Not every run you embark on in Dark and Darker will end in a successful extraction. As a new player, you'll get quickly accustomed to getting wiped out by geared high-level players before you even get a glimpse at a blue portal. While you might not leave your game with fancy new weapons, you will always be a little closer to levelling up your character. To help you maximise these benefits, we've put together this guide on how to quickl

How To Get Old Rusty Key In Dark and Darker

We're here to unlock the secret behind the Old Rusty Key in Dark and Darker.

If you've spent much time with the trading guild of Dark and Darker, you may have come across an item called Old Rusty Key. What's more, you may have seen it going for as much as 1000 gold. Surely such a highly valued item has got to be worth pursuing.

However, you're probably wondering what the Old Rusty Key actually is and what purpose it serves. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about how
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