I'm open to working in shifts and on a by-piece basis writing things like:
‣ news
‣ game guides
‣ buyer's guides
‣ narrative features
‣ opinion pieces
‣ reviews
‣ previews
‣ listicles

I'd invite you to reach out via email or Twitter DM to chat if you have work in mind that you feel I'd be a good fit for!

areas i cover

As all the Baldur's Gate 3 news I wrote during my time with Dexerto shows, RPGs are kind of my thing. 

Action RPGs, Roguelikes, MMORPGs—all a jolly good time.

I also have big old heart eyes for:
‣ odd little indies
‣ horror games
‣ visual novels
‣ punchy-feeling shooters
‣ artsy, story-heavy games

    Outside of video games, I'm also into covering:
    ‣ tabletop gaming including TCGs/CCGs and TTRPGs
    ‣ PC/console accessories and peripherals
    ‣ cool tech and quirky gadgets 
    ‣ film, TV, and music
    ‣ politics and cultural criticism

      areas i don't cover

      While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, the appeal of the sports games is largely lost on me. The majority of casual puzzle games and idle games earn a resounding 'meh' from me too. 

      about me

      I graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in English and Sociology from Maynooth University, Ireland. By the grace of caffeine, I managed to complete my studies with a first-class honours (what a nerd, eh?). 

      I moved to Bath, UK in August 2022 whereupon I spent a year being ground down to fine, fibrous powder by the horrors of the retail industry. Thankfully, in August 2023, I pivoted into a career that indulges my joint love of gaming and writing. Yay!

      Quick confession: I'm queer, autistic, and a big stinkin' leftist. These are parts of my life that will invariably colour certain parts of my work. My bad, everyone. 

      But good journalism isn't really about objectivity, is it? It's more about critically evaluating one's subjectivity as transparently as possible. 

      So, in lieu of false promises of objectivity, what I can consistently promise is careful, detail-orientated research and a sincere effort to consider all perspectives on even the most challenging issues in the industry.